Growing Our Human CAPITAL
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Ottawa’s new approach, known as Integrated Local Labour Market Planning (ILLMP), is focused on an industry-driven, locally-focused, labour market plan to "grow our human capital" - our people and our city.

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OILLMP and its partners are pleased to launch, a resource portal for Ottawa Service Providers Working with Job Seekers

We are hoping that you can explore the site, share resources that you would like to see added, and provide your overall feedback.  While the main menu content is all now available, several homepage features will be developed in the next month or two, including Your Learning Resources and Quick Clicks.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our partners who were key players in developing this concept and content, and would also like to thank the more than 50 service providers who provided their input.  The partners on this OILLMP project included:  Employment Ontario Ottawa Network (EOON), City of Ottawa, Tungasuvvingat Inuit, Métis Nation of Ontario, Ottawa Local Immigration Partnership (OLIP).

At this point, the portal is "live" and we are looking for feedback from users.  We will continue to market the portal later in Fall 2013 after finalizing the French website and incorporating changes based on user feedback.  Thank you for taking the time to explore and share your resources and/or suggestions.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Have a Well Protected Business You Can Be Proud Of

Nothing is more fulfilling than to be able to create a business that can bring in a continuous revenue for you and at the same time also be ensured to maintain this kind of stature through the years ahead without keeping you worried, which is why a lot of up and coming entrepreneurs have taken into consideration investing on needed protection such as property insurances as well as Ontario liability insurance that make any probable issues a lot easier to handle. As a starting business owner you too will need to come to terms with meeting this kind of standard for your own business as this will help you become a lot more at ease and have confidence that your brand can really manage through the years.

Learn and Research

To be sure of the kind of policy that can keep your business working at best you will need to study a lot about the different policies out there that can make it a point for your company to maintain its current success through giving you the needed benefits and aid when the time comes especially when unforeseen circumstances could happen to your company. Being able to learn and have the ample information about the different kinds of policies and plans out there will give you a better overview of the kind of insurance that your business will need and in the future those that may also have additional impact for your business as added policies and plans for continued success.

Seek Best Providers

Of course it will not be enough to recognize plans and policies that can matter to your business as you also have to be able to work with the best in the industry and the only way to do so is to also look into it and learn which particular companies out there have worked best with other businesses like yours to be certain that you are in safe hands. With so many insurance providers out there you will need to be particular with which ones have been able to maintain that reputation of being a well trusted provider that helps you achieve all of the assistance and aid when you need it and offers a variety of benefits and advantages to companies who work with them, in this way you have a better understanding and have lesser worry to deal with when the time comes that you need the coverage.

Focus on Needs

As you have selected a reputable and well trusted provider you will also need to be keen on the kind of coverage to take as it has to fit well with your own agenda as a business since these types of insurances are ones that will have to be certain to keep your business afloat under those circumstances when aid is badly needed. Take the time to go over those important points that you will always need for your company and at the same time discuss this with your provider so that both of you have a better idea of the type of coverage that will be right for your brand and will keep it working best through the years no matter what situations occur.

Approve the Best Deals

Remembering that you have an option at quality coverage from your provider is very important as you get to the final decision of investing on a coverage plan that will work with you a your business goes through its continued developments. Being particular with the kind of insurance plan for you will make everything a lot better toward the future so making sure to get your provider to match your business up with the best deals will aid you a lot better in those times when you will really need it.

Key stakeholders have been working together to identify local labour market needs, challenges, and opportunities and provide practical solutions to build the workforce we need in a thriving community.


Our 2010-2012 Ottawa Integrated Local Labour Market Plan painted the picture of Ottawa's labour market in Fall 2011, highlighting anticipated future requirements and eleven key sectors, as well as providing a preliminary Strategic Plan focused on initial partnerships and projects.


The 2013 and 2012 Labour Market Updates highlight Ottawa's evolving economic situation and changing labour market indicators, updates the 2011 and 2012 Action Plan respectively, and outline the Key Result Areas for 2012-13 and 2013-14. As our process matures, we will continue to work with our stakeholders, and broaden our consultations, to focus on solutions to "grow our human capital" in response to current and projected local demand, helping Ottawa flourish as a community in which to work and do business

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